“Exotic Paradox” is an Audio-Visual live set that aims to explore the possibilities of electronic experimental persian music, provided with abstract/ nostalgic visuals of my childhood period in late 80’s/ early 90’s of Iran.

Music : Arash Pandi
Visuals: Morteza Ghahremanian

” Discovering sounds and reproducing them drives me to explore and experiment with the unknown sides of sounds that seem familiar, but are nevertheless regarded as an exotic experience. Like a refugee that seems familiar to the people of the host country, but he will always remain exotic. With my self-written sound applications, using Max/Msp and Chuck, I am trying to reflect this paradox of our time, by exploring the possibilities of Persian classical music scales (Dastgah) in a new form: generated by synthesizers, modulated by effects, and combined with electronic music parameters. I try to orient my experimentation towards scientific, cultural, and artistic approaches. ” – Arash