Alongside my private teachings, i decided to prepare a short-time structure for music/sound enthusiasts, to learn what they need to be able to start making electronic music and sound design for videos, podcasts or theater.
In these 3 days of workshops, students will learn about main concepts and tools of computer music and sound design, containing basic steps to very advanced compositional and sound editing techniques.

Below, You can find the teaching syllables and a short description. The amount of focus on different sections and fields varies depending on the type of participants and their interest, but you can consider it as a general plan.

– Getting to know Ableton Live,
– Understanding sound and how to create and manipulate it
– Introduction to sampling and how to work with samples
– Getting to know Midi and how to work with it
– Understanding synthesizers and sound synthesis
– Getting to know audio effects, to use them
– Getting to know the concepts and tools needed for Electronic music and sound design in Ableton:
Sequencers, Envelopes, Filter, Lfo, Mapping, Midi effects

You can download the syllables here: Teaching Syllables

Recommendation letter from Danish Royal Academy of Arts; Letter

And a general plan:
1st day:
    We will start by getting to know the interface, different sections and preference. We continue by learning about Audio editing and MIDI; what can we do with it for different applications (making melodies, chords, beats or triggering visuals, etc). we will then go through sound generators of Ableton like synths and drum kits and try to make some simple clips and will end with learning about layering sounds and using MIDI effects as one of the creative ways that ableton provides for composing electronic music.
2nd day:
    We will learn the basic of sound synthesis and will experiment with creating some sounds from scratch or manipulating synth presets. After Understanding about audio effects and how to use them, we will get advanced about audio and midi clips and some hidden potentials ;). Last part of the day (if there’s enough time) will be about Automations/ modulations, Routing and recording, and sampling.

3rd day:
On the last day, if there’s anything that we could not cover during the other days, will be checked, in addition to some tips on general audio production, mixing and mastering. Here you will be more on your own with your projects and are free to ask anything you would like to know more about.